Welcome. I'm Andrea

I am a photo encaustic artist living in Miami, Florida. Photo encaustics is a mixed media technique that involves combining layers of heated beeswax, pigments and photographs resulting in an ethereal and painterly effect. My photography is focused upon Florida's botanicals, landscapes and animals. For me, photographing in Florida stirs up emotions of the lost riches of our state - the environment struggling to survive, the small percentage of animals and virgin landscape that still exist. I daydream about this saturated land as it once was, the flocks of hundreds of birds, the plethora of alligators, panthers, deers and smaller animals that lived a balanced coexistence. It is within this dreamlike world that I am able to linger as I transform my photos with the art of encaustic painting. I have a selection of work for purchase and I accept commissions. Keep an eye out below for my encaustic workshops and photography classes given here in Miami, FL. 

Available artwork

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Please contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing an original photo encaustic piece.

Encaustic Workshop at Coral Gables Museum

Photo Transfer with Vintage Miami Postcards

January 22 & 23, 2022

9:00 am - 2:00 pm

The Photo Transfers workshop is one of three photo encaustic workshops taught by local artist, Andrea Clement. This workshop will teach you how to create a photo encaustic artwork by employing the photo transfer process. The theme of this workshop is vintage Miami postcards and vintage family photos. Postcard images will be available for students to use (students may also use personal photographs.) In this two-day workshop, participants will have a hands on introduction to the techniques of photo encaustic such as creating and building up smooth translucent layers of wax, fusing, creating texture, using stencils, mark making, application of paints, oil pastels, and pigments, and the photo transfer process upon the painted waxed surface. This workshop is open to novice and experienced artists, as well as those who would like to further their encaustic skills. Participants will take home 2 encaustic pieces that they have created from vintage Miami postcards and their own photographs.


Through the Eye of the Artist at Fairchild

Date to be determined

Learn to take your photography to the next level and create more artistic images. This class will delve into the components necessary to compose a good photograph and create moods and special effects. The use of lines and lighting in creative ways will teach the student how to create depth effectively, using repetition and texture, as well as other visual elements of art. Time will be spent taking photographs in the garden at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden to practice these skills and a group critique will reinforce the understanding of these new concepts.