Although is it the sculptural form of the pregnant woman that inspires the manner of my maternity photographs, ultimately, it's the miracle of pregnancy, birth and motherhood my true muse. I believe that pregnant women are beautiful, strong and courageous, and that pregnancy and birth are empowering moments in a woman's life. Being photographed when pregnant celebrates and preserves this most defining time of transformation into mother. For me, being able to share and capture this precious moment ignites the artist and moves the mother within me.

Mother Goddess Maternity
Energy of Motherhood
Water Goddess of Maternity
I Hear Thee Maternity
In Love
Tropical Beauty
Maternity Mermaid
Birth of the Mother
Mother in Moonlight
On the Tip of Motherhood
A Glimpse of Motherhood
Golden Showered Mother
Heartbeat of my Soul
Power of Motherhood
We're Here
Quiet Moment
Happiness is With Us
Regal Mother
Swathed in Love
Magnetism of Motherhood
Aglow in Motherhood
The Rising Mother
Absorbing the Power
Venus of the Woods
My Love
Tropical Mother
Here She Comes
The Rythm is Within
I'm Waiting Little One
Soaking the Energy
Peace Strength Love
Wrapped in Red
Wind Goddess
Wood Nymph