Welcome! I'm Andrea

My work is focused on Florida’s natural environment and animals: the struggling riches of my state, the challenges they have faced in the past, and those of the present. I am influenced by the writings of early Floridians who wrote about the Florida glades and its animals, the present-day actions performed by local organizations, and state parks, as well as the beauty that still exists. I daydream about this saturated land as it once was, the flocks of hundreds of birds, the plethora of alligators, panthers, deers, and smaller animals that once lived a balanced coexistence. Working with encaustics stimulates the narrative between photography and painting. By combining wax in its molten state with my photographs, layer by layer, mark by mark, I build the encaustic painting, and the visual story of an inspired dreamlike world evolves.

My currently available artwork for purchase is listed under the portfolio tab. I also accept commissions. Contact me directly for any piece you may be interested in. Keep an eye out below for my encaustic workshops given here in Miami, FL. 

Upcoming Workshops & Exhibitions


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at University of Miami

Next class starting September 2024

Tuesdays 10:00 am -11:45 am

Encaustics is a mixed media technique that involves using a melted beeswax medium applied to a wooden surface and then other materials such as paint, ground pigments and photographs are incorporated upon and within the wax. ­­­­

In this six-week course taught the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at University of Miami, participants will build up their own encaustic paintings as they learn and work with a different technique. Each week, students will have a hands-on introduction to a different method used to create an encaustic artwork: creating and building up smooth translucent layers of wax, fusing, creating texture, application of paints, oil pastels, pigments, and embedding a photo within the painted waxed surface. No painting experience is needed for this process. Students will have completed one photo encaustic artwork at the end of the course.

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For more info call: 305-284-6554



May 20, 2024

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Lake County museum of art

213 W Ruby St, Tavares, FL 32778

July 12, 2024 - September21, 2024

FL WAX is a chapter of the International Encaustic Artists that celebrates encaustic art through educational opportunities and supporting the community of artists in the State of Florida working in this medium.

Keep an eye out for more info on our shows.