Photo Encaustic

Encaustic photography is an archival method that involves the application of layers of beeswax and damar resin upon a photograph that is usually adhered to a substrate (such as a wooden panel.) Upon the photograph, layers of wax, pigments, paints, inks, thin papers, encaustic paint, and image transfers can be applied. Layer upon layer of wax and artistic techniques are built up, with each layer being fused together as the process continues. Wax can be applied in smooth, translucent layers or textured for desired effects.  Areas can be more or less hidden within the wax. Encaustic photography is a fascinating technique that is highly creative and pushes the boundaries of the photographic images into more of a painterly realm. Within this realm, one can push the narrative of the image even further.

My photography is focused upon Florida's botanicals, landscapes and animals- the struggling riches of our state. I daydream about this saturated land as it once was, the flocks of hundreds of birds, the plethora of alligators, panthers, deers and smaller animals that once lived a balanced coexistence. It is within this dreamlike world that I am able to linger as I transform my photos with the art of encaustic painting.